Principal Investigator

Dr. Lars Kotthoff

Associate Professor

My research combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to build robust systems with state-of-the-art performance. I develop techniques to induce models of how algorithms for solving computationally difficult problems behave in practice. Such models allow to select the best algorithm and choose the best parameter configuration for solving a given problem. I lead the Meta-Algorithmics, Learning and Large-scale Empirical Testing (MALLET) lab and directing the Artificially Intelligent Manufacturing center (AIM) at the University of Wyoming.

PhD Students

Damir Pulatov

I'm a computer science graduate student doing research in AI. I'm currently working on a method to improve automated algorithm selection systems by analyzing algorithms. In my free time, I also like to contribute to free software. In the near future I plan on getting back into music and possibly start making my own amateur music. For more information, check out my website.

Haniye Kashgarani

I am a Computer Science student with interests in Machine Learning, AI, and programming. My current research which will be my Ph.D. dissertation is related to applying machine learning to dynamically estimate and allocate parallel computational resources for solving Algorithm Selection problems. Also, I am part of Animal Identification project which is a joint project with Veterinary department. We use deep convolutional network for animal classification on image data.

Mehdi Nourelahi

I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at computer science department. I am currently working on a data augmentation method to boost regularizations in Deep neural networks. My research interests are computer vision, NLP and more generally applying machine learning to real world problems.
I like playing chess and I consider myself a bit of a cinephile. For more info please visit my website.

Jesse Ken Evans

I'm a computer science Graduate Student working on optimizing 3D printer models. I hope to achive faster print times without changing quality of the printed model. I'm also a graduate assistant here at UWYO.

Undergraduate Students

Chet Russell

Hi, I am a senior at the University of Wyoming studying computer science. My interests include computer vision, machine learning, astronomy, robotics and oceanography. I also love hiking and playing the classical guitar. I am currently working on a project that involves machine learning with wildlife classification, where I am creating a interface for scientists to use to process images.

Nikita Gallegos

I am an undergraduate student of the University of Wyoming studying Computer Science. I have a vested interest in the intersection of neuroscience and computer science, logic, ethics, and creativity of artificial intelligence. There is immense potential in artificial intelligence, so much to learn and discover, I am thrilled to contribute to both progress and ethical limitation any way possible. In the Mallet lab, I am currently working on refactoring and updating code that attributes credit to algorithms using the Shapley value of game theory. The current code needs to be more streamlined and generalized so it can actually be integrated into other projects.


  • Sourin Dey (now a PhD student at the University of South Carolina)
  • Katherine Chawla
  • Krishna Chemudupati (now a PhD student at the University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Lucas Manker
  • Thomas Wise
  • Austin Stephen
  • Natalie Foss
  • Joshua Arulsamy
  • Lona van der Linden